Big Block Update

I wrote a blog about my big block quilt pattern rewrite here...over a year ago.

This quilt only takes nine big blocks…only nine! This weekend, I pieced block number 8…wahoo! ONLY one more to go!

Big block

Needless to say, these blocks take about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours each to assemble.

I was running low on some of the fabrics, so I did what my pioneer ancestors would have done. I pieces the scraps to make the blocks that I needed.

Pieced pink dot triangles
Background block from scraps…

This quilt is going to be big!

What project have you “restarted” recently?



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Monthly Goals: February

I am revisiting my resolutions that I made in January…for better or worse.

  1. Finish a quilt top every month…didn’t happen this month.
  2. Post to blog twice a week…almost…I posted three times one week and 1 time the week before. I am counting that as on track, because it averages out to twice a week.
  3. Sew 80% of the year…still on track for this.
  4. Read to self…one book a month…more like half a book this month.
  5. Read aloud twice a week…we are crushing this goal. This is much better than the crap that is on TV. We just finished an Agatha Christy mystery. Now we are reading John Jakes.

February is teal/aqua for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. This month I made several blocks.

Scrap to treasure…
Accuquilt crazy quilt blocks
Accuquilt feathered star

Remember, I said that I was not the only maker. My DH made this for one of my sister’s co-workers, who just lost her 30 something son unexpectedly. Tragic. He graphed out a poem that she had written and added butterflies from another pattern. He is amazing.

How are your resolutions shaping up this month? or for the year so far?



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Ice & Update

We woke to ice in the trees and bushes on Friday. Thank goodness the temperatures were in the 60’s on Thursday, so the roads were still warm enough to not be super slick. The trees looked like they were encased in glass. Thank goodness it was a still day and the sun appeared to melt the ice with only a little damage to trees and branches…no power outages in our area.

Not enough to get school delayed or cancelled…beautiful!

We did have quite a bit of fog. The mountain was beautiful shrouded in ice and fog, but I did not get a picture of that.

I am working on block number 9 of my paper foundation dresden blocks. I need 12 to make the size quilt that I want. I have not decided what setting I will use for these blocks yet. They are approximately 14 1/2 unfinished.

Number 9 of 12

I also have a couple of other teal/aqua blocks to make for the RSC. They are cut and ready to be sewn. February is quickly becoming history. I need to buckle down tomorrow and get blocks made.

What are you working on this weekend?




Quilt picture

Yesterday was when this should have been posted, but I was enjoying my time off line just a little too much.

I love taking pictures of things that would make great quilt blocks. You never know where inspiration will come from…like a vinyl table cloth.


This is a close up of the table cloth at my sister’s beach house in Delaware. This would be great in applique.

What are you designing today? What inspires you?



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Teal crumbs for RSC

Over the weekend, I made 10 teal foundation crumb blocks to share with you. A little eye candy is better than no eye candy!

I always make these in sets of 10…watching Monk while I sew.

Hey! I think I saw Elvis!

Years ago, back in the days of Hancock Fabric, I bought several yards of this Elvis fabric in teal, pink, gray. I love having him show up in scrap quilts and blocks in random places.

I made it to the second month! Wahoo! Are you working on RSC blocks?

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RSC 2022: February is teal, aqua

My favorite colors! I should have a LOT of scraps in these colors, right? Uh, no! I had to dig scraps from the green bag and the blue bag to find something to work. This is a much smaller selection than the red basket in January.

Scraps…I will have to make more!

I started with some Dresden plate blades this morning. They always look better when they are trimmed. I foundation piece these to scrap paper that is trimmed on the accuquilt cutter.

Untrimmed pieces

I have been home today with an ear ache. I have never had an ear ache before…now I know why small children cry when their ears hurt! OMG! While I was sewing and recooperating, I could hear a turkey. One of the neighbors has a tame turkey. It spent a considerable amount of time on my porch…and being stalked by another neighbors’ cat!

Notice the mighty hunter in the background.

Turkeys are not smart, based on the amount of time he spent on the porch. I am really glad it is the neighbor’s turkey and not her rooster!

What RSC project are you starting for this month? Turkey dinner anyone?


Lorrie Shore


The binding is cut…

I have been working…working…working…then life stepped in and slowed my progress. I am pleased that I felt well enough to measure and then cut binding strips.

This will work nicely…

I think the red will blend nicely with the red in the plaid on the back and contrast nicely with the top.

Nice gold thread…I hope it stands the test of time!
Top has a black and white striped border

What project are you finishing in the near future?




RSC January 2022: Seeing Red Review

For several years, I have made it through the first few rounds of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I have several of those box in a storage box. Unfortunately, I never made it to a month with red blocks.

Here is a list of the blocks for this year:

10- 6 inch crazy quilt blocks made with the accuquilt die


10- 4 1/2 inch foundation crumb blocks


1 feathered star made with the accuquilt die

Feathered star…

1 red crumb pieced dresden block…foundation pieced but trimmed with accuquilt die

Satin ribbon around the edge pops!

I feel that I was more productive this year because I have been keeping track in a journal. Accountability and all that!

I wonder what the color will be for February? Are you participating in the RSC 2022?


Lorrie Shore

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Stars or snowflakes?

Did you know that most snowflakes are hexagonal. I do LOVE snowflakes. These hexies could be in star formation, I guess.

Two years later…

I have been working on these for a while. I have another new star to add, then this row will be complete. I think the next row is going to be an extra large flower or a diamond.

Last star for this row…

The filler blocks all have a minion!


I do love the minions. They misbehave, but everyone still loves them.

I do have the accuquilt cutter to cut the fabric and paper shapes for this hexagon project. Hexagons finish at 1″ at the outside edges. I recently bought the box set for other shapes, too. I haven’t made any blocks from those smaller pieces yet.

What hexie shape do you prefer?


Lorrie Shore


Not just a topper!

Making quilt tops… my favorite part of the quilt-makeing process. Several years ago, my husband bought me a Juki sewing machine on a Mini Pinni quilt frame from the Gracie company. My friend, Diane, has quilted more tops on it than I have. My goal this year is to change that statistic. I have lots of tops to work with.

On the frame…

This is my project for January. I found this top buried in my quilting room while I was organizing. I think I can finish it by the 31st, especially if we get more snow.

The quilting always looks better after a good washing. It puckers up and looks comfortable and old. My goal with this section was to make the background look like wooden boards. It will look better when washed.

Wood look…will look even better when washed

I haven’t quilted on the machine for a while. I had forgotten that practice makes any skill better. By the bottom edge, I was feeling much more relaxed and confident. I tend to tighten my hands on the handles and hunch my shoulders tightly. I took more breaks and found the process much more relaxing.

I will share more pictures after this is completed, bound, and laundered.

What is the last quilt that you completed?


Lorrie Shore