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BOM Hale Country Quilters Update

I am making slow, but steady progress on my BOM for the Hale Country Quilters group.

I would have more of the blocks completed if I hadn’t had an epiphany. Darn those epiphanies!

I decided to make a center big block from a Pat Sloan sew along. I like this big star block.

Then I saw a block on Pinterest. It was screaming at me to be 16” corner blocks.

Here are the first three BOM installments.

Are you participating in any BOM’s this year? They are a great way to build skills…and if you don’t love the top when you finish it, it can become a gift or charitable donation. Someone will love it for you! 💕♥️💕



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I am a YouTuber!

I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos since I retired…quilting, cooking, bargains, and crafts.

I started to think about this after watching a video on the New Retired Me channel…also produced by a retired teacher.

I don’t want to substitute teach to make extra money. Why not be a YouTube star? 😎

Check out my first video here.

Thank you in advance for your help and support!



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BOM Hale Style

Recently I joined Hale Country Quilt Guild. I have only been to 3 meetings, but I am enjoying this experience. At the last meeting, I shared my Sweet Childhood Memories quilt tops. The ladies made me feel so good!

Sheryl, my wonderful Up North neighbor, invited me to a meeting because she knows how much I love quilting and sewing. When we joined, the BOM was on the 10th out of 12 blocks.

Sheryl has several blocks completed. I love her colors! So pretty! I love the Autumn colors and earth tones with a touch of blue she chose.

I needed some time to make this project more complicated. Yes…that means I have not started the blocks yet. I am using teal, purple and a touch of red.

However, I have all the setting blocks completed for the quilt in my head. I am using the large center start from Pat Sloan’s Festivals and Fireworks quilt sew along.

I am using a block I saw on Pinterest for the four 16” corner blocks. Here is a link to the free, printable pattern. It is called Blue Ridge Mountain Star.

Just as a side note, look at all of these bonus half square triangles!

Here is a quick snapshot of the patterns:

I like that the patterns all use 1 background and a light and dark of two colors. The directions are well written thanks to Janice Berg. I love playing along with friends. Time to get to work!

What are you working on today?



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Look what I found!

I love yard sales! Yesterday we found this for $20! The seller thought about making it into a table…oh, the horror!

It is a White. I don’t know much about this brand. All the mechanisms are loose…nothing frozen or locked up. There are many, many YouTube videos about them. Thank goodness!

The drawers are in good shape. Only one little spot of veneer damage.

The decals are in good shape.

This is the back before I cleaned the wood. Beautiful!

Do you see the ruler inlaid in the wood case? Fantastic!

It was a little dusty underneath. It came with a nice ball of lint. It cleaned up easily.

I wiped it down with machine oil. What a beauty! I need to bring my treadle book back with me so I can put a new belt on it. (There is a new belt in one of the drawers.) I also need to watch some videos about threading it.

Oh, this will not be a table on my watch!
What wonderful treasures did you find recently?