Build a block

Build a Block: Salem

Here are some examples of the Salem block from the weather quilt:

This block finishes at 6 1/2″. It is constructed from all squares and rectangle pieces, using the sew and flip method to create corner triangles and geese.

Please view the video at YouTube to see basic construction.

Once the corner/center units and “V” units are constructed, this block is assembled like a basic nine patch.

Here is the cutting chart:

This block is so cute and irresistable that you have to give it a try! Don’t be intimidated by the sew and flip units! That makes complicated block construction easy to do!

I hope you are enjoying this block series…happy scrap piecing!



Build a block

Build a Block: No Room at the Inn

If you have been watching my YouTube channel, you have seen me mention my 2024 weather quilt. A subscriber recently asked if I would do a tutorial on the weather quilt blocks. What a fantastic idea!

This quilt has five different blocks in it…based on the place where the weather data is collected. This first block represents data that is collected while we are staying somewhere away from home(s) or our son’s house. This is the “away from home block”…not to be confused with the traveling block. I will define that more clearly when we make that block.

Here is the block that I made for the YouTube video. You can watch that presentation here.

All of the blocks have a color that represents these five weather elements: high temperature, low temperature, cloud cover, wind and precipitation. What does that mean for someone who is making this block but is not tracking the weather? It has five colors…of your choosing!

Here is the diagram that I used to layout the pieces for this 6 1/2″ block:

Here is my cutting diagram:

Let me explain how to read the above chart. In the placement diagram, H represents high. You would cut six 1 1/2″ squares… in the picture, these are yellow squares.

I hope you enjoy making this block. It would be great as a regular, old scrappy block, too!

I can’t wait until it is time to share next week’s block!