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Hexie Quilt

I haven’t worked on my hexagon quilt since last fall when we were at the cabin. I love to do handwork while we are relaxing in front of the fire.

I need to add some border pieces to get the part I have been working on ready for more…

The canoe was the best background I could find!
Joining piece…I love minions!
One Hexie star in the row…

Once I add 16 more joining pieces…and that should take awhile…I plan on adding a piece using this pattern made from my own fabrics:

I love this pattern from Pinterest! My fabric will probably be even brighter…with a black background to make it pop even more!

Well…Time to go! Lots to do!

What hand work have you been doing lately?



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Sew Along Update

Since the beginning of 2023, I have started to participate in several sew alongs.

Here is an update of my A Quilting Life blocks for April. My original post about this sew along can be read here.

I am also completing the blocks for the Sew with Me 2023 by Erica Arndt. I am a little behind on this one! This is only block #1. The pattern read as if only 2 colors were used. I guess I should have watched her tutorial video on YouTube. There are 4 patterns available.

Here are my blocks:

What sew alongs are you still participating in? I would love to hear from you!



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Southwest Wall Hanging

As you know, I am not the only maker in our family. My husband completes many cross-stitch projects. He has been given many kits, floss, and fabric. At the price for a skein of floss today, he is sitting on a million dollar collection of the stuff.

He also has oodles of books and patterns, too. The book and pattern section of the library still needs to be organized.

Today’s post is about the finishing touches that I am adding to a kit that DH completed a short while ago.

The kit was a gift from our wonderful daugher-in-law. My son created a Southwest area in a hallway of their new house for her. Dan finished this kit to be a wall hanging in this area. Shhhhh! It is a surprise!

Here is the finished stitching.

I am adding 2 borders. The first one is very thin to give the viewer’s eye a rest. The second border is to contiue the Southwest theme.

The backing fabric is more Southwest fabric.

I used the pillowcase method instead of a traditional binding to finish the edge. The edge is topstitched to hold the layers steady.

I am adding 3 possible hanging mechanisms to the top…

  1. Corner triangles
  2. a hanging pocket and
  3. hanging tabs.

Voila! C’est fini!

Hanging sleeve and/or tabs…

What project are you finishing today? Hope to hear from you soon! I love to hear about your projects…



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A Trip with Several Ocean views

Last week we decided to take a short trip away. Now that we are home I can tell you all about it.

Our first stop was in Williamsburg, Virginia for a night. The flowers and trees were blooming in all there splendid glory.

Next we traveled to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. The weather was perfect.

We drove to Sunset Beach, North Carolina. It seems to be a nice little tourist town.

Our next stop was Ocean City, Maryland. We visited with my sister’s family for Easter…then we headed home to West Virginia. The sunset ended our last day of travel.

When we walked around our yard the next morning, we discovered that the bleeding heart plants were in full bloom.

Hope you have enjoyed my photos from our trip! Where are you planning on traveling to in the near future? I would love to hear from you!



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Ready to be Quilted

I rarely buy kits, but while we were visiting our son in Colorado my husband picked this one up at Holly’s Quilt Cabin. It is a simple design. The fabric is the “star” of the show.
Here it is…ready to put on the quilt frame:

Ready to quilt…

My husband loved the wildlife fabric. It matches several of the decorative elements at the cabin.

Wildlife close up

I had several fabric finds and leftover pieces to use for a backing. It is pieced and ready, too.

The central piece of fabric has cabins with moose, fishing equipment, etc. The bark looking fabric was another find. I bought both of those fabrics at yard sales for about $1 a yard…new yardage at bargain basement prices.

I bought the small woods motif fabric somewhere in our travels…maybe that same year…maybe not. I have been saving it for this project.
The rest of the fabric was leftover from the kit.

Here are some more spring pictures:

First dandelion in the yard.
and more pansies…planted in yard sale pots.

I hope you are finding projects to work on and beautiful flowers to admire. Happy spring!