Build a block

Build a Block: Shortcut to Arkansas

I had an epiphany in the shower. The Road to Kansas block could be remade using larger block pieces…and a little more organization. Yeah…Let’s do that!

It is assembled in the same manner as last week’s block, but the cutting is different…actually more complicated.

Here is the video link for assembly.

Please use the picture above the chart to help with placement. I will work on a repeat pattern at some point, but not today. A repeat would work if you put a 4 block unit under the one shown, but not to either side. Hmmmm! I will have to think this out some…

Here is the cutting chart:

Hard to believe these are the same blocks!

I enjoyed turning this block into a simpler, but yet somehow, more difficult version of its former self! I hope you are enjoying, too!



Build a block

Build a Block: Road to Arkansas

This block was not inspired by the EQ5 book!

It is an excellent scrap buster. Do not be intimidated by all the pieces that make up this beauty. I constructed 3 of these blocks as leader/ Enders between the blocks in my weather quilt.

This is the 8 1/2 inch version:

The four 4 patches and 4 x 4 patch are made from 1 1/2 inch blocks.

The eight hatchet units are made from light 2 1/2 inch squares with 2 of the corners ( opposite one another) snowballed to create the shape.

The video presentation for block assembly is here.

I love the way two or more of these blocks look together!

I think I will make a center for a quilt using this block. I love the illusion of movement that it creates!

Here is the cutting chart:

Hope you enjoy this scrappy happiness!



Build a block

Build a Block: Summer Winds

This is the last block from EQ5 inspiration for a little while! Don’t worry, I have many other inspirational sources so that I can continue to make blocks with you!

Here is the first summer winds block that I layed out for you in October of 2023:

It is great in super scrappy. I did keep the center half square triangles the same color.

Here is the 6 1/2″ version that we are constructing today:

I changed the center block. I also pieced the block in units, so I could assemble it like a classic nine patch to finish it. I pressed most of the seams open to cut down on the bulk.

You can watch my YouTube video here.

A cutting chart is also at the end of this blog for you piecing pleasure.

For the 12 1/2″ version, I had many choices to make.

Which corner blocks did I like best with the green and tan half square triangles?

Christmas green with snowflakes?

Vibrant, solid red?

Wavy purple?

Grassy green?

Solid black for a classic accent?

And then there were three different center choices!

Golden wheat (blowing in the summer wind)?

Apple and square cheater fabric?

Or butterflies on the wind?

With my friend Diane’s help, I chose to construct this version.

It is constructed in units and then like a classic 9 patch, just like the smaller version.

These blocks are easy to construct and great for using scraps. They would be great in a one block wonder quilt or as part of a sampler quilt.

Here is the printable cutting chart:

I hope you are enjoying this scrappy block series! Join me next week for another block!

If you have any special requests, please comment on the YouTube video above in this post.



Build a block

Build a Block: Double X #1

Here is this week’s block! This is a smaller version…very similar to Hovering Hawks.

It is assembled in classic nine patch fashion. See the cutting chart if you are making the half square triangle blocks (not using bonus half square triangles).

Here are a couple of 6 1/2 inch versions:

These are the 3 1/2 inch versisons. So cute!

Now for the family portrait! Ta-dah! Ta-done!

Here is this week’s cutting chart:

Have a great week of sewing and quilting! Enjoy!