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Werquilters: Build a Block Scrappy Star

This week, I am adding a second block, the scrappy star. It is pictured here as a 4 1/2″ block. It could easily be made into a 8 1/2″, 12 1/2″ or 16 1/2″ block.

This tutorial reads like a picture book. I learned how to edit photos! Many of the directions are right in the picture. This also matches my YouTube short that shows how to use up some of those bonus triangles we all have. Most of the pictures are the same as those in the video, too.

Here is the finished star:

I have been making these as leader/ ender blocks for the entire summer. I have a nice little pile going.

The first image is parts you need if you don’t cut triangles to make this block. The directions are in the pictures below to make the triangles from squares. Just look for the tan and yellow squares.

This second picture, with the lavendar background, is the number of pieces that you need if you ARE cutting the triangles. I use an accuquilt die to cut those little triangles, but it is not necessary to have one of those to cut pieces.

The easiest way to make any block, is to lay out the pieces before you start.

The first sewing step is to make the 8 half square triangles, whether you are using triangles or squares.

The images with brown fabric are constructed from squares.

I love the washi 1/4″ tape. It doesn’t leave a residue. It stays on for a long time. There is a lot of it on a roll.

Now that your star points are sewn, it is time to press.

Background fabric should be towards the inside. Star points should be on the outside.

Sew the star point pieces together in pairs.

I prefer to press these seams open to reduce bulk. You can press the seams to the side if you prefer. I know this is a controversial topic in the quilting world. No judgements here!

Lay your pieces out again. This is a double check of your star points, etc.

You have the parts assembled for all 3 rows.

Time to finish the block. Sew the rows together.

Again this is to reduce bulk in these little seams.

Here it is again…the cute, scrappy star block.

I hope you are enjoying making little scrap blocks. There are many more blocks to come!

What is your favorite scrap block to make?



Hale Country Quilters quilting scraps sewing

Hale Country Quilters BOM update

I am slowly making progress on this block of the month. Here is block seven, eight and nine.

Janice did a great job with the directions on this one! Thank you, Janice! I changed the color placement from the original pattern to make the red pop out a little more.

I changed the middle reds on this block so that they looked like hearts. The original block only had one red.

This block had a lot of little tiny trimming to make it fit perfectly. Once it was trimmed, it was easy to assemble. There is a lot of swirl going on there!

Are you working on any “installment” projects? Please share! I love hearing from you!



Build a block quilting scraps

Werquilters: Build A Block 4 x 4 Scrap Block

  • You will need 16 blocks of your choosing for this block. Choose one of the following sizes for the best results: one and a half inch, 2 1/2 inch, 3 1/2 inch or 4 1/2 inch. Block should I have a nice contrast between them.
  • Lay the blocks out in a 4 x 4 formation like the illustration above.
  • Sew the blocks in each row together. You will have four rows.
  • it is now time to press the seams of your block. There are two options. You can press the seams to one side or the other or you can press the seams open. I recommend pressing the seams open even though this seems counterintuitive. It creates a flatter block in the long run. I have never had any problems with weaker seams because of pressing seam allowances open.
  • Sew the rows together.
  • Press, the row seams.
  • Enjoy your block!



Hale Country Quilters quilting travel

BOM Hale Country Quilters Update #2

Recently, I have been trying my best to catch up with the blocks of the month from Hale Country Quilters. Slowly, but surely, I am getting there! Whew!

I am loving the teal, purple and red combination in each block.

Block 4
Block 5
Block 6

I am going to take a little break before I start the next block. Block 7 has a bunch of small pieces…and I changed the color placement just a little bit…so I need to have my head in the game!

What project are you catching up on this weekend?

To help you relax, I am sharing a sunrise picture over Lake Huron from our recent trip to Mackinaw City, Michigan.

Enjoy your weekend!