RSC 2022


Even when I am not making resolutions, I try to participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Every year, hosts this wonderful challenge. I make it through the first couple of months…and then life gets in my way. Some years, the author of soscrappy designs a quilt. Sometimes she suggests a block to be made in many colors. Sometimes it is just the color, like this year.

January is the color red this year. I have started by making 10 crazy blocks using the Accuquilt block on board die.

Block on board 6 inch crazy block from Accuquilt

She always shares her work and posts a link so everyone can share.

I also made 10 paper foundation pieced crumb blocks to get me started. I have a small bin of red scraps to work with…enough to keep me busy.

Just a baggie full…

Many of these are strips.


I use pages from old Reader’s Digest magazines. I can cut them to a convenient size square for my foundation. I sew the crumb pieces to the paper…trim…flip…and stitch some more.

Recycling Reader’s Digest…

They look rough.

Then I use my Accuquilt 4 inch die to trim them to the exact size. It is amazing what trimming and squaring up can do! Now they look like usable blocks. (I love those little monkeys!)

I will remove the paper while I watch TV this week. I have a bin of hundreds of these finished blocks…and I have designed a quilt made from them. More on that later this year. I will also do a red RSC update at the end of the month…maybe I will even find some of the previous RSC blocks!

Have you checked out the RSC challenge for 2022?